With a history dating back to the early 90s, it’s only logical that Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise would have a massive cast of characters to its name. While multiple 2D and 3D entries have featured various playable characters, other than a single spin-off starring Shadow the Hedgehog, every game ultimately focuses on Sonic as the star of the show. With the marketing materials of Sonic Frontiers having a significant emphasis on Sonic’s love interest Amy Rose, there’s never been a better time to make a case for Amy to have her own solo game.


Amy Rose has a long history within the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, dating back to her initial appearance in Sonic CD. Amy Rose has made some odd choices throughout the series’ history, but she’s not without her fans either. Wielding her famous Piko Piko hammer and holding steadfast in her devotion to Sonic, Amy is a more dynamic character than she initially seems. She has evolved from being obsessed with Sonic to becoming a nuanced and vital part of the franchise.

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How Sonic Frontiers Can Set the Stage for a Solo Amy Game

Amy has been a consistent part of the marketing for Sonic Frontiers. Reading the tea leaves points to Sega feeling more confident in her as a character. While Amy’s role in Sonic Frontiers is still up for speculation, it has been confirmed that she’ll serve a greater purpose than just moving the story forward. Unlike in previous games where Amy is merely another supporting cast member, she’s essential to leveling up Sonic’s abilities within Sonic Frontiers. This feels like a strategic choice to begin testing the waters for a more prevalent role in the franchise.

If nothing else, fans know that Sega is fond of her. Amy has been one of the most featured returning characters within Sonic Frontiers and has quickly gotten the most screen time in promotional trailers next to Sonic himself. The Japanese Sonic Frontiers website was even updated with additional content that further details her presence in the game.

Conversely, little has been confirmed regarding the third Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but it’s safe to assume that Amy will be debuting in the cinematic universe sooner or later. Much speculation has been cast regarding who could voice Amy in a future Sonic movie. If Amy does indeed appear in the upcoming third movie and is well received by audiences, this would further underscore the need for her to finally have her own game.

What an Amy Rose Game Could Play Like

Amy is also memorable due to her being one of the few characters who actually wields a weapon. Sonic uses his spin attacks, Knuckles fights with his hands, Tails uses his tails, but Amy has her famous Piko Piko Hammer. Her hammer could open up a wide variety of gameplay possibilities. Sega could even revisit Sonic the Comic and give Amy a crossbow. There is a lot that Sega can do to expand her character and create unique gameplay scenarios that wouldn’t exist in a mainline Sonic game.

Love or loathe her, Amy Rose is one of the most memorable characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. While she’s been a constant supporting character since her inception, she’s never been allowed to rise above that and anchor her own game. With Sega’s newfound appreciation for her, it seems like Amy is finally getting her deserved time in the spotlight. With luck, she’ll finally get her own game to go along with it and won’t join the list of forgotten Sonic characters. Only time will tell, but audiences await for what very well could become the Amy Rose comeback she deserved all along.

Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8th, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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