PlatinumGames is known for its titles in a variety of genres, from the action-adventure franchise of Bayonetta to the nostalgic feel of the arcade-style shooter Star Fox. There is something available for every player out there to get stuck into.

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However, something that all these PlatinumGames titles share in common is challenging boss fights. These boss battles keep players on their toes and sometimes take literal hours to finally defeat and therefore have been classed as the hardest boss battles by the Japanese-based development studio.


10 Emil – Nier: Automata

As a secret boss that requires many previous steps to be completed before he appears. Emil may not only be a boss some players miss but also quite a challenge to earn the chance to fight him in the first place, and it isn’t just once.

The first-time players are subjected to this smiling merchant robot, the battle can be quite simple; however, the second chance to defeat him is much harder. A solution to defeating this secret boss is killing him quickly before the floating smiling heads finish the player off first.

9 Mandler – Sol Cresta

In general, many players would argue that finishing every level of Sol Cresta, the vertical scrolling shooter, is one of the hardest feats out of any PlatinumGames title. With the player being required to dodge out of the way of oncoming assaults, as well as defeat the other bosses along the way, many normal foes can be as hard if the player is overrun.

However, in the end, the final boss is by far the hardest in the game for people to manage. Mandler is ruthless with his variety of attacks that not only fire directly in the player’s path but also require them to be aware of where they are on the screen to avoid attacks from the sides.

8 Galenos – Babylon’s Fall

Galenos may not be one of the largest bosses in Babylon’s Fall, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming quite the challenge for players if they allow him to overpower the battlefield. He can hit with some powerful attacks as he teleports toward the player to get in sharp hits, which, if not dodged, can end the player’s life quickly.

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Although a player may be able to handle this, the environment in which the battle takes place can be another challenge. Fighting on a podium, this demonic foe can push the player off, causing them to easily fall to their death; this will need to be avoided to get the upper hand, and that’s only the beginning of the battle.

7 Valor – Bayonetta 2

Although players may first assume that Valor will be a simple boss to defeat due to his large build and slow easy-to-dodge attacks, though this is all a red herring for the second phase of his boss battle.

Once again, this second phase isn’t helped by the environment in which the player must fight. Falling from the sky to defeat Valor is one epic moment, but as soon as both Bayonetta and Valor hit the water, players will begin to struggle to dodge his attacks while he brings out some new ones.

6 Prince Vorkken – The Wonderful 101

Vorkken does not make it easy for players to finish the game. After leveling up and progressing the story, everything was working up to that very moment of finally putting an end to his madness, even if he believed he was doing the right thing.

Similar to the player, Prince Vorkken can use morph technology to get him and his one hundred space pirates to conduct a variety of abilities to use against the player. Some of these can be easily avoided, while others are quite a challenge, such as his unify bomb, which slows down the player as well as causing major damage.

5 Jeanne – Bayonetta

Bayonetta isn’t the only Umbra Witch with a pitch black heart, as her friend, and at first, foe, Jeanne is another who can use magic to summon demons to her aid. In the first Bayonetta title, she is faced twice by the player, both times being as challenging as the other.

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The second encounter expects players to not only avoid the demons she summons but also avoid the mass number of missiles she hurls at them. It can become incredibly stressful to deal with, especially if a player forgets to attack any demon that spawns so it doesn’t hit them later.

4 Aether – Astral Chain

Some of the hardest bosses in the game become available after the final main boss of the story has been defeated. Aether puts the player’s skills to the test with this incredibly intense battle against them and the two phases they go through.

Due to their slender design, Aether can be incredibly agile across the battlefield, making it harder for the player to dodge. Not to mention the amount of damage it does through its laser abilities, as well as the variety of different explosions it can cause too.

3 Aesir – Bayonetta 2

As is the case with many boss battles in Bayonetta 2, players will need to rely on getting hits in whenever possible while fighting Aesir. Due to being a reincarnation of Loptr as well as an actual god, players can assume that this battle won’t be easy.

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It only gets worse from there on out, as when players knock down Aesir’s health, it begins to slow down time, making it much harder to dodge the attacks. This battle is also made harder by the attacks that happen off-screen, giving players little time to react to them.

Not only one of the best bosses in the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance title but also the hardest, this US Senator is doing more than attempting to win elections as he takes on the player. As one of the most intense battles in the game, Senator Armstrong’s punches are brutal as they obliterate Raiden’s health bar if they aren’t dodged or blocked.

Mid-way through his battle, players must then complete the painful quick-time events that require the player to have a keen eye on pressing the right button without missing while not getting distracted by the heinous beliefs he spouts.

1 Father Rodin – Bayonetta

An optional boss for players to interact with, Father Rodin is available for those players that wish to test their luck, and they should be warned that it is nowhere near an easy fight to win. The challenge of Father Rodin is how unpredictable his moves are, making dodging between his attacks incredibly difficult.

He also can’t be stunned, so players that expect to defeat this fallen angel will need to select their fastest guns and make sure to keep a fair distance away to avoid his violent attacks.

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