Splatoon 3 is now in the hands of many players new and old to the series. Players are leveling up, engaging with PVP or salmon runs, decorating their lockers, planning for the first Splatfest, completing the main story, and collecting cards for the tableturf battles. There is a lot to do, and a lot to collect from badges to titles, clothes, and banners.

Even outside Splatoon, players can now be on top of the game via a Splatoon 3 online service called SplatNet. Splatoon 2 had something similar, but this one is particular for this third new title. SplatNet is an app that connects to a player’s Nintendo Switch Online account to keep track of their history, shops, Splatfests, weapons, and more.


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What Is The SplatNet

SplatNet is a part of the Nintendo Switch Online app. The app connects to a player’s Nintendo Switch Online account and has services for certain games like Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and Super Smash Bros. Clicking on Splatoon 3 takes players to the new SplatNet. The app shows what Splatfest is happening if one is happening soon, and what team the player as well as their Nintendo Switch friends have chosen.

The SplatNet keeps track of total wins in turf battles, favorite weapons, all-time best rank, and the total amount of ink turfed. It is also a way to keep up with what maps will be when for turf battles and what weapons will be available in the schedule of salmon runs. Basically, the SplatNet is a great source for keeping track of player stats, history, and what is going on in the game daily.

Is The SplatNet Worth Having?

For fans of Splatoon 3, the SplatNet is worth having, and not just because of how it tracks matches and stats. It can get players to access and buy more items. The SplatNet has its own shop that takes in-game cash for gear. The SplatNet Gear Shop, like in-game shops, changes its gear every day for players to buy and browse. Their daily stock is typically themed around a certain Splatoon brand. The gear bought in SplatNet can be picked up in Splatoon 3 from Murch. Unlike ordered gear from other players, SplatNet gear can be held indefinitely until it is removed or purchased.

Another way to get items through SplatNet is by utilizing its milestone system called Wandercrust Tour. The system basically earns players rewards for how much turf they ink in in-game battles. By sending turf ink points to Crusty Sean, he will reward the player. Most of the rewards are wallpapers, but some rewards are items inaccessible by other means like Crusty Sean card sleeves and a Stay Crusty Cap.

Last but not least is the QR code reader that comes with SplatNet. This reader can scan QR codes specifically for Splatoon 3 gear, banners, and more. A recent reward players can get with the code reader is a banner to celebrate Splatoon 3’s launch. There will most certainly be more QR codes to look out for in the future on official Splatoon 3’s social media and websites.

Other SplatNet Functions

While items are exciting, players may also enjoy SplatNet’s other functions like checking out their progress through the season’s catalog rewards. There is also an album section to store 20 photo mode in-game pictures for up to three months. Under weapons, players can track the number of wins with each weapon, turf inked, and their freshness. Additionally, players can view the same replays that they can access from the in-game lobby terminal. Up to 50 of these can be stored for 30 days. Players can also keep an eye on their progress through Splatoon 3’s story mode.

Splatoon 3 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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