In order to get through today’s Wordle with their winning streak intact, some players might want to get a hint or two.

Wordle is a simple-to-play word puzzle game by the New York Times Games. This popular title has another difficult word for today, and some players might be looking for a little, or a lot, of help.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is back again today with a brand-new challenge. But in order to even begin trying to figure out this difficult secret five-letter word, some players will first need to learn the rules of how to play.

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First, players need to head to the right site. While there are tons of copycats out there, the original is owned and hosted on the New York Times Games site and the NTY Crossword and Wordle app. Other versions of Wordle will have different answers and can have slightly different rules of play. Next, choose a starting word. This word should be five letters long, a real English word, and should have plenty of common letters in it.


Type this starter Wordle word into the site and press enter; this will cause the letters of the starting word to change colors.

  • Letters that turn green are correct and in the right place.
  • Letters that turn gray are incorrect.
  • Those that turn yellow are right but in the wrong place in the word.

Players must keep typing in new five-letter words with these clues in mind and getting new clues from the colors of the letters of the new words. There are only six total tries every day; after that players will lose. There is a new puzzle daily at midnight local time, meaning there is only one word for everyone every day.

Hints for the Wordle 460 for September 22, 2022

Although today’s Wordle word is not too challenging of a word, there are some players that might still be looking for a hint or two without spoiling the whole thing.

  • Today’s Wordle word is a noun.
  • This word begins with the letter S.
  • It is also a five-letter word ending in the letter T.
  • This word has religious connotations.
  • It contains no duplicated letters.
  • It has two total vowels, and one of these is an I.
  • This word also contains an N.

Answer for Wordle 460 for September 22, 2022

If anyone is looking for the full answer to today’s puzzle, whether they are hoping to cheat at Wordle or not, it is just below the image. Spoilers ahead.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 460 is SAINT.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit

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