The Siren’s Prize is the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure and sees players return to Plunder Valley and conquer 3 underwater Siren Shrines for an exciting Adventure full of puzzles, exploration, and action. Another blast from the past is the Ancients, who last showed up in the Legend of the Veil Adventure and are here to help players toward their goals.

The Siren’s Prize is a fun Adventure that gives players ample opportunity to work together should they choose to and maybe even forge new friendships along the waves. Be warned, it takes some time to complete, but it’s fantastic to witness the ongoing story arc, earn some money with bountiful Siren loot, and receive rewards. It’s also a handy way of discovering Shrines for anyone working towards Sunken Kingdom commendations looking to obtain the Curse of Sunken Sorrow, one of the 5 obtainable curses in Sea of Thieves.


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Beginning The Adventure

Players must speak to Larinna outside any Outpost tavern to activate the Adventure and then sail to Plunder Valley at point G16 on the map. Players can find Belle on the Eastern beach standing beside 2 Ancient Guards. She gives players a note to collect 3 powerful box-shaped relics in any order. The Eyes of the Ancients is located in the Shrine of Ancient Tears at point N20 on the map, The Voice of the Ancients in the Shrine of Tribute at G18, and The Dreams of the Ancients in the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune at D14. Players can also read 5 tablets in each Shrine to achieve all Momento Deeds.

It’s essential to hand in each artifact to the Ancient Priest inside each Shrine before returning to Belle to avoid backtracking before the final chapter. Although it’s possible to complete the Adventure while sailing solo, it’s worth considering teaming up with other crews encountered as the puzzles can be challenging.

The Shrine of Ancient Tears

Players can complete the 3 Siren Shrines in any order but may prefer to sail to the Shrine of Ancient Tears as the furthest or start with the closer Shrines. Players must swim to the depths and enter the Shrine of Ancient Tears by shooting or stabbing the flashing object above the bubble doorway. Descend the coral steps to reach the Ancient Priest standing on the corner, who hands players a note from Belle.

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The first step is to step on all 4 floor buttons in each corner of the room and light each nearby beacon. This unlocks the hidden door behind the waterfall leading to a small treasury. Players then need to head back into the main room, descend the circular pit, and light the 4 beacons to unlock the door leading to a set of corridors featuring a butterfly puzzle.

The objective is to light the beacons and activate the 3 switches next to each butterfly symbol in succession. This opens up a new area with the tortoise puzzle. Again, players must light the beacons and 3 switches to open the turtle room where The Eyes of the Ancients is located. Grab and return it to the Ancient Priest before exiting the Shrine. On the way out, a small horde of Ocean Crawlers may appear around the main pit, but these can be ignored as Ancient Guards once again join in the fun. There are optional parrot and crab switches to find and unlock too for a final secret treasury. Players can then use the Storage Statue to return to their ships.

The Shrine of Tribute

To find the entrance to the Shrine of Tribute, players must swim inside the hole opposite the large pillars and press the button to open the entrance. They must then navigate the tunnels, using the bubble coral for air to locate the large central statue room. It’s easy to get lost, but the bubble coral is a good sign players are swimming the right way. Inside, the Ancient Priest is located on the stairs, and players can also speak to him for a note and clues about what to do.

Players need must first locate the yellow gem-encrusted siren statues to swipe so they match the underwater siren painting, hitting the one holding the trumpet last. This water level rises, and a side stairway containing a storage statue becomes accessible. Follow it around to see the 2nd Ancient Priest standing on the upper level.

Players must now navigate the edge of the room to step on 3 floor switches to open the secret underwater room where a small treasure horde and The Voice of The Ancients box are located next to the stargazing map. Hand the box to the Ancient Priest before using the storage statue to return to the ship.

The Shrine Of Ocean’s Fortune

Players must sail to the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune and swim to the bottom, entering it through the crack in the large, broken door. Once inside, players must ascend the central plinth ladder and speak to the Ancient Priest across the walkway, who gives the players a note from Belle. It’s a tricky puzzle-based Shrine where players must use a series of pulleys, capstans, and masts to navigate to the top without ideally falling off.

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Players need to use the pulley behind the Priest to lower the wooden platform, which they can jump across to reach the capstan. Once turned, the capstan repositions the central platforms so that players can transverse to the opposite side and ascend the ladder. Follow the tunnels around and pull another pulley to lower the mast, saving any treasure discovered using the nearby storage statue.

Head back across the central plinth and inside the cavern behind the capstan or through the gate if already unlocked, climb the red ladder just past the storage statue and green floor markings, and use the pulley at the top to raise the wooden platform lowered earlier. It’s time to carefully cross the two masts and follow the path round, killing any skeletons along the way, turning the 2nd capstan, and jumping onto the nearby wooden platform.

As it turns, players must jump onto the second moving platform, follow it round to cross the final 2 masts, and then climb the ladder to reach a large bridge where The Dreams of the Ancients box is located on a red coral stand in the mini-arena underneath. Ocean Crawlers may appear to defend it that can be conquered with the Trident or with throwables, and the Ancient Guards help out.

Players again must return the box to the Ancient Priest before exiting. The quickest and easiest route is out the nearby bubble door via the highest bridge and back through the main Shrine entrance to find the Priest. Players can then use the storage statue in the room behind the gate to return to their ship.

Completing The Adventure

For the final part of the Adventure, after players have handed in each relic to the Priests in the Shrines, players need to return to Plunder Valley and speak to Belle to activate the final boss bottle. Belle reveals the Servant’s recent actions suggest he seeks the return of Captain Flameheart and then starts the Ritual, opening up a green vortex above the island.

Players must head to the top of the island for the final battle, accessible via a ladder, and most phantoms along the way are avoidable. At the top, players face off against a Soulflame Captain and his Reaper Phantom minions with more help from the Ancients. Once destroyed, players must speak with the final Ancient Priest to complete the Adventure and are rewarded with the Sails of the Ancient Warrior as a Momento.

The Warrior of the Ancients Title is awarded for completing all 8 Deeds, including reading all hidden tablets. Players can also cash in any siren loot at any Outpost, using the Sovereigns for a quick sale if sailing on a captained ship. The Siren’s Prize Adventure is available to play until September 29th, 9 am UTC.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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