Digimon Survive Part 8 is a vital chapter in the story, expanding on the history of the two worlds and the machinations of “The Master” while also explaining Miyuki’s role in everything and the reason The Master needs her. It is also the part where players’ actions begin to truly influence the larger plot and where players make the decision that determines which of the routes they will find themselves on from Part 9 onward.

Digimon Survive is a visual novel/tactical RPG developed by Hyde and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game follows a group of kids as they are thrown headfirst into a strange new world after going to check out a mysterious shrine. Meeting with Digimon partners, the group has to fight to survive and uncover the mysteries of the new world they’ve found themselves in.


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Introduction – Takuma’s House

This chapter begins with a flashback to Takuma heading out for the trip that started this whole adventure. His Mom is double-checking if he has everything for the trip and begins a long story about when he forgot his lunch on a school trip in second grade. Takuma rushes out the door, and the flashback ends as Takuma awakens.

Takuma finds himself shaken awake by Agumon in the familiar locale, the Spider Lily Forest. It seems that whatever Miyuki did to help them escape, the Master has brought them here. The first thing on their minds is to try and find Miyuki, but they don’t see her nearby. Fortunately, they hear something and find her when they go to check on the sound.

Now that Miyuki can speak normally again, the first thing she does is thank Takuma for being so nice to her and her brother since they met. After spending some time talking, the topic turns back to where they actually are, and Agumon reveals he can’t sense any Digimon anywhere nearby at all. Takuma quickly deduces they must be somewhere near the school since that’s the only area where red spider lily grows, but the surroundings don’t match up, and Takuma suddenly realizes something but decides not to mention it until he’s sure.

The group discusses what to do next:

Let Agumon scout. Moral +1
Stay put. Harmony +1
Look around together. Wrathful +1

Eventually, the group ends up looking around for signs of the others. Seeing a light shining in the distance, the group sets off in that direction. Takuma thinks this place feels familiar, and after discussing it with Agumon, he rushes off to confirm his theory with his own eyes. Before long, he comes to a familiar tunnel, a tunnel that existed in the real world, not the other world they had been thrown into.

He and Miyuki both seem to realize where they are now, and before long, they head through the tunnel to make sure, with Agumon right behind them. At this point, Agumon realizes what’s happening too and understandably gets a little freaked out before settling on being excited to see a whole new world.

Miyuki then reveals that the song she sang in the music room has something to do with this, and Takuma asks her about it.

Why were you there? Moral +1
What about the others? Harmony +1
What about your soul? Wrathful +1

Agumon senses something but says it feels like something human nearby rather than a Digimon.

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Police Tape

The group arrives at the part of the road the police blocked off at the start of the game, and Miyuki seems worried about something.

…the others? Moral +1
…Haru? Harmony +1
…Agumon? Wrathful +1

Regardless of that player’s choice, that isn’t the only thing bothering her, but she doesn’t explain further just yet. She asks, “when is it right now?” and Takuma tells her it’s been about a week since they first arrived in the other world.

Miyuki then realizes that the people nearby keep looking at Agumon. Takuma asks Agumon to hide, which he does (albeit reluctantly), and Takuma decides to speak to the people nearby to find out what’s been happening since they vanished.

Speak to each of the people nearby, in turn, to learn that it’s only been a short while in the real world, maybe a few hours, despite the many days everyone was stuck in the other world. Miyuki seems very worried about the fact that the shrine hasn’t been looked after in decades, with her reacting particularly badly to the word “decades.” Apparently, students were recently told to head back to the school for safety following a landslide, and there were disappearances 50 years ago, including the daughter of the famous “Minase” family. Miyuki reacts badly to the mention of the Minase daughter going missing too.

Agumon interrupts towards the end of Takuma’s inquiry, and Takuma has to pass him off as a hi-tech stuffed animal in order to prevent a panic. Agumon says he was just too curious about Takuma’s world to keep hiding. The group then starts trekking back towards the school.

Blooming Road

As the group heads towards the school, Takuma asks Miyuki about what’s bothering her. After insisting that they’ll believe her, she reveals that, even though it’s definitely the world she came from, she doesn’t recognize it. After checking the year with Takuma and learning that it’s 2020, she reveals that she comes from a different year entirely, that the shrine wasn’t in ruins back then, and that she has no idea what a computer is.

Since Miyuki is clearly shaken and not feeling great, Takuma suggests they hurry on to the school, so she can rest.

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The School

Arriving at the school, Miyuki asks what the plan is, suggesting that they ask around for more information.

Find a teacher. Moral +1
Hide Agumon. Harmony +1
Forget it, just rest. Wrathful +1

After deciding their first move, the group (sans Agumon) heads inside to look for a teacher.

The School – Exploration

Free Battle

The Free Battle area available during this section of Part 8 consists of the ultimate level Digimon Andromon, Etemon, and Monzaemon. They can be good additions to the team if they haven’t been recruited already, but there have been plenty of opportunities to acquire them by this point too. They do offer good experience, however, and Monzaemon can be negotiated with for guaranteed Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.


Speaking to the Tall Boy here reveals that a teacher has been running all over looking for Takuma and the others.


Speaking to the students here reveals that all the teachers headed out somewhere, likely to look for the missing people. Miyuki will be startled and then delighted when the TV “turns on by itself” once Takuma explains what a remote control is. The news report suggests that it’s still the same day that Takuma and the others left for the shrine and ended up in the other world.

This is quickly followed by the revelation that wherever the group lost someone in the other world (or rather, wherever the fog appeared in the other world), it has caused accidents and sudden disasters in the real-world version of that location.

Isn’t it coincidence? Moral +1
Can you spell it out? Harmony +1
Have you always known? Wrathful +1

Takuma and Miyuki head to the music room to discuss what she’s just realized. Using the blackboard to sketch out a diagram, she explains that when there’s an accident in the other world, it gets mirrored in this world. Miyuki states that, as the only ones that know this, Takuma and her are the only ones who can do something about it.

Miyuki explains that she can use her song to open the way between worlds and that she wants to go back to help the others and stop the accidents and disasters. She wants to stop the Master.

I’m powerless. Moral +1
I can’t leave them. Harmony +1
I’m scared. Wrathful +1

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Monster Attack in the Real World

A teacher arrives, happy to see Takuma is safe. Takuma claims that he got separated from the others and met a local girl who helped him get back to the school in order to explain Miyuki’s presence. The teacher explains that a monster showed up near the old shrine, causing Takuma and Miyuki to rush off to check.

Grabbing Agumon along the way, the group causes a bit of a stir as they run back toward the Shrine. Their worst fears are realized as Piedmon attacks people at the Shrine. Miyuki attempts to convince Piedmon that the Master doesn’t care about him and isn’t what he thinks, but he prepares to attack her.

Get Agumon to help. Moral +1
Cover for her. Harmony +1
Tell her to run. Wrathful +1

A battle begins against Piedmon, as onlookers get the whole thing on camera.

Piedmon Boss Battle

Piedmon is flanked by Andromon and two Kiwimon in this fight, and the player doesn’t have access to any of the partner Digimon except for Agumon, so if players haven’t been keeping their Free Digimon leveled up, this fight can be a serious challenge.

Andromon is an ultimate level vaccine type defense Digimon who is immune to sleep and confusion. He’s slightly weaker to physical attacks than special attacks, so a physical attack-focused Data Digimon could probably take him down the fastest, especially by taking advantage of his weakness to water. Kiwimon are mobility-focused Data type Digimon who are vulnerable to fire attacks and resistant to sleep; they are also less resistant to physical attacks compared to special attacks.

Players should advance slowly and keep their distance from Piedmon until his minions are slain, as he can deal tremendous damage and always strikes from behind with his Trump Sword attack. He’s a virus type Digimon with no weaknesses and resistance to all elements except light, so a vaccine Digimon with powerful light attacks like Magnaangemon or Angewomon is ideal for fighting him. He also has access to X-Heal for restoring his own HP and uses his “Mad Clown” passive skill to randomly reduce a random stat on his target when attacking.

Players should also make sure to grab the chest to the right of the starting point for the Hydro Water skill, which is a water element special attack. The most important element of this fight is ensuring that Piedmon is approached and fought as a group and making use of healing skills and items whenever necessary due to his incredible attack power.

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Aftermath and Return to the Other World

With Piedmon somehow standing from his defeat and preparing for another round, Miyuki decides to use her song to open the gate while Takuma and Agumon push him through. With Piedmon dealt with for the moment, Miyuki restates her desire to head back through the gate and deal with the threat of the Master.

As the story branches here, the game offers an opportunity to save before continuing. The options available here are based on the player’s karma stats, with the option for a given route only appearing if the player has 25 points in the corresponding stat.

Be True to My Friends. Head back to the other world, and start the Moral Route.
Save the World. Head back to the other world, and start the Harmony Route.
Stay with Agumon. Head back to the other world, and start the Wrathful Route.
Never Go Back. Stay in the real world. Triggers the bad ending.

Once the choice is made, Takuma receives a call from his Mom and, feeling her supporting him, is ready to head into the other world one more time. The Master is heard scheming, and the part ends.

In New Game Plus, if players have successfully saved Ryo and Shuuji, all choices except for “Never Go Back” will instead lead to the Truthful Route.

Digimon Survive is available now for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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