Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Gem Crafting system is similar to the one found in Xenoblade Chronicles 1, and this guide will cover the best Healer Gems.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a gem crafting system reminiscent of the one found in the original Xenoblade Chronicles, with a variety of useful gems that can be equipped to characters to improve their capabilities. This guide will specifically cover the best available gems for healer classes.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an action RPG developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. In a strange world seemingly a fusion of the Bionis & Mechonis from Xenoblade Chronicles and Alrest from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, endless war is the only way of life. Bound to flame clocks that harvest the life of their enemies, soldiers from the nations of Agnus and Keves must kill in order to live, and live only to fight. When six soldiers uncover a strange power and the chance at a better life, they set aside their differences and set off to find the meaning behind their lives.


Soothing Breath

Soothing Breath is a powerful gem that increases the amount of health allies have when reviving. It also boosts the equipped character’s healing power slightly. At Soothing Breath I it increases health on revival by 20% and healing power by 5. At Soothing Breath X it increases health on revival by 45% and healing power by 15.

Lifesaving Expertise

Time is valuable in fights, and as such the time needed to revive a downed ally can prevent the healer from using their skills to keep the party alive. This gem speeds up the revival of allies by 20% at I and 45% at X. It also increases healing power by 5 at I and 15 at X.

Swelling Blessing & Refined Blessing

Swelling Blessing and Refined Blessing are a pair of gems that provide increased power and duration, respectively, for buff effects. Most healing classes make use of buff effects and/or buff zones, so these gems can greatly improve their effectiveness and versatility.

Swelling Blessing raises the power of buffs by 25% at I and 50% at X. Refined Blessing extends the duration of buffs by 25% at I and 50% at X.

Steady Striker

Steady Striker is of great use to Agnus classes since their skills are recharged as auto-attacks land, so increasing the speed of auto-attacks allows players to use their skills more frequently. On healers this allows them to lay down buff fields and throw out heals more frequently, which is vital in some difficult fights.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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