The official God of War PS4 download page is updated, revealing that its file size is quite massive even if that’s to be expected.

A recently updated God of War Ragnarok PS4 download page seemingly reveals the file size to be 90.6 GBs on the last gen console. Seemingly is the key word here, as this is likely to change somewhat ahead of the game’s launch. Still, it’s interesting because 2018’s God of War was around 45 GBs, meaning GoW Ragnarok is double its predecessor.

God of War Ragnarok is, after all, shaping up to be a massive game. Not only is this wrapping up Kratos’ Norse Saga, but players will be traveling to new realms, battling massive bosses, and so on. There is some context missing here, though it’s a good baseline to understand how much room fans will need to set aside.


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First, it’s worth noting that this is only the PS4 file size. The PS5 file size may differ for God of War Ragnarok, as many PS5 games are smaller than the PS4 counterparts, but if so and to what extent remains to be seen. This is still a good ballpark for comparison though. Secondly, even though this page was updated with this information, it’s probable that something changes with a little under two months to go. For example, this probably does not account for any day one updates.

Also, according to PlayStation Game Size (a reliable social media account dedicated to file sizes), the PKG sizes are not always correct and this can change based on region. Unfortunately, they were unable to verify if this is legit because Sony patched how it was getting information from before. Either way, 90 GBs sounds about right and bodes well for the game. After all, while size does not always speak to quality or content, God of War Ragnarok‘s combat, its story trailers, and every little odd and end speak to a high-quality game, just like the first.

Many already consider it a Game of the Year contender against Elden Ring, which speaks to the hype around this franchise and the pedigree of Santa Monica Studio. This hope is a good thing, but fans should keep in mind that obviously nothing is solid until it is in players’ hands. God of War Ragnarok could face off with Elden Ring for GOTY Awards at several events, or maybe it won’t, but the assumption of the former is incredibly enticing when coupled with the various details out there right now.

God of War Ragnarok releases November 9 for PS4 and PS5.

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