Whereas most Diablo games rely on progressively-difficult gameplay runs to cement their replayability, the Diablo Immortal mobile game spices things up with the inclusion of special Zone Events. While some of these happen sporadically, some of them do happen on a regular basis. One such Zone Event is the Haunted Carriage Event, pertaining to the Haunted Carriage that periodically surfaces in front of Ashwold Manor within Ashwold Cemetery.

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Being a special event, the Haunted Carriage remains something to look forward to outside the Diablo grind due to its unique mechanics. And Diablo Immortal players hoping to farm for more powerful characters and higher-tier gear may want to look into what exactly goes on in the Haunted Carriage.


What Is The Haunted Carriage?

Before players venture into the Haunted Carriage Event, they may want to learn more about the context of its main highlight: the Haunted Carriage. While there aren’t any deep in-game lore stories about the extent of the Haunted Carriage, there are some stories about Ashwold Manor and Ashwold Cemetery.

Previously belonging to the Ashwolds, the Ashwold Cemetery has nowadays become a prime location for bandits. It doesn’t help that the dead have risen from their graves as well, courtesy to the shard of the Soulstone in the area. What is known, however, is that a carriage of seemingly undead origins seems to rise from Ashwold Manor and tour the surrounding area.

What Is The Haunted Carriage Event?

At its core, the Haunted Carriage Event is a caravan-esque event where the players have to escort said Haunted Carriage to a particular destination. As with typical escort missions, players have various enemies to face as well as a final boss at the end of the route. Here are other considerations players need to take into account:

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  • Completion prerequisite: Players can only participate in the Haunted Carriage event after completing the Main Campaign and unlocking the Hell Difficulties. As such, those reliant on playstyles such as the Cyclone Strike Monk that can quickly demolish enemies would be able to reach this point in the game quickly.
  • Schedule: The Haunted Carriage happens every Tuesday and Saturday and happens at two-hour intervals from 9AM to 11PM server time. Going into Ashwold Cemetery will give players a prompt as to when the next Haunted Carriage Event begins.

Haunted Carriage: The General Mechanics

Players interested in participating in the Haunted Carriage Event need to take note of particular mechanics that surround the Diablo Immortal instance. Unlike other raids and dungeons that will have players explore a location and defeat certain bosses to level up broken Diablo Immortal builds, the Haunted Carriage strictly asks players to go to the designated path of the Haunted Carriage in order to defeat the mobs and the final boss. Here are particular elements that players need to consider when participating in this weekly Event:

The Carriage Route

Given that the Haunted Carriage Event is an escort mission, players need to take note of the set path the Carriage will take throughout the course of the Event. Players who explored the entirety of Ashwold would be familiar with the Carriage’s standard route, which is a recommended way of touring the Zone, especially when on the lookout for Hidden Lairs. The path is as follows:

  • The Mad King’s Breach Waypoint
  • The Eastern Gardens Waypoint
  • The Outskirts Waypoint
  • The Guards Watch Waypoint

The Mobs To Face

Similar to other escort missions, players would need to defend the Carriage from the various mobs that will try to attack it. These take the form of Undead Guards, which are similar to most enemies players will face in the area. They are fairly easy to defeat, and their difficulty greatly depends on the difficulty players choose to participate in the Haunted Carriage Event.

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It helps to note that Diablo Immortal players shouldn’t make the mistake of leaving the Carriage once they defeat these mobs, as there are bonus equipment and gold that appear as rewards. This is on top of what players may obtain after defeating the boss.

The Tax Collector

When the Carriage caps its trip in the Ossuary, players will come face to face with the Event Boss, which is the Tax Collector. Players of Diablo Immortal affectionately call this the “Pizza Delivery Guy,” but this is mostly a visual rehash of the Brute Knight that wields dual cleavers.

The Tax Collector possesses 20 million Life, which makes him almost roughly the equivalent of a World Boss. However, he doesn’t have complicated mechanics, and his attacks are often easily documented. It’s advisable to fight the Tax Collector with a party and with other players to be able to kill him much faster. Given that this is an Event, players don’t need to land the final blow to benefit from the rewards.

The Rewards

Similar to other Events in Diablo Immortal, defeating the Tax Collector completes the Haunted Carriage Event. However, players don’t receive rewards from the Carriage itself but rather from the Event Boss. Given the nature of the Event being a weekly thing, it’s advised that players try participating in the Event as often as possible in higher difficulties to get the best rewards. While the rewards may not include Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems, the prizes for this Event are relatively decent for their scope. Players interested in farming the Haunted Carriage Event weekly would want to note the following rewards:

  • Gold
  • Various Items (with a good chance of a Legendary Item being among them)
  • 6 Enchanted Dust

Diablo Immortal is available for iOS, Android, and PC.

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