EA Motive Studio confirms that it is working on a single-player Iron Man game, with more Marvel games in the works at EA.

EA’s Motive Studio, which is working on the Dead Space remake, has confirmed that it is also working on a single-player Iron Man video game. An Iron Man game from EA Motive has been rumored for weeks, but now fans have official confirmation that the project is real and in active development.

Motive Studio didn’t reveal many details about the in-development Iron Man game beyond that it is a single-player game with an original narrative. It will be looking to tap “into the rich history Iron Man” while also channel “the complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark.” This seems to suggest that portions of the game will take place outside the titular Iron Man suit, but fans will have to wait for more concrete details to be sure.


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Right now, the Iron Man video game is said to be in the “pre-production phase,” so it may be quite some time before fans see anything more substantial on the project. Motive is currently working on the Dead Space remake, set to launch in January of next year, and so it makes sense that the studio would be more focused on promoting that than this Iron Man game that is likely years away from release.

An interesting tidbit in the announcement was that Iron Man is the first of several new games that are being made in collaboration between Marvel and Electronic Arts. As it so happens, a single-player Iron Man game wasn’t the only Marvel title rumored to be in development at EA. In fact, rumors have also claimed that EA is working on an open world Black Panther video game as well.

According to the leaks, EA’s Seattle studio, which is still without a name at the time of this writing, is actively working on the Black Panther video game. This has yet to be officially announced, and with the Iron Man game just now revealed, it may be awhile before the curtain is pulled back on that project.

What’s interesting is that EA is not the only company with Marvel games in development. 2K is publishing Marvel’s Midnight Suns later this year, Insomniac is busy working on Spider-Man and Wolverine games, and Skydance has a World War 2-era game in development that has Black Panther and Captain America in starring roles. Needless to say, it seems Marvel fans will have no shortage of video games to look forward to in the years ahead.

Iron Man is in development.

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