There are all sorts of unique and powerful magic in Black Clover, such as Rill Boismortier’s Painting Magic or Rhya’s Imitation Magic. Even within the Black Bull, there are strange magics such as Charmy’s Cotton Magic or Vanessa’s Thread Magic.

However, one of the strangest and yet extremely dangerous magic comes from none other than Black Bulls’ vice-captain, Nacht Faust. He may come late into the picture, but his magical ability is highly crucial to the story, particularly during the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc. So what kind of magic does this mysterious man possess? Read on to find out more about it.


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Who Is Nacht Faust

As mentioned earlier, Nach Faust is the vice captain of Black Bull. That being said, unlike Yami the captain, Nacht rarely comes to the Black Bull’s headquarters, which led to several members not even knowing that they have a vice-captain in the first place. And Yami being who he is, simply forgot to mention about Nacht’s existence to the other members.

As to the reason why Nacht rarely comes to the Black Bulls HQ, it’s because he is in the middle of a highly classified mission, which is being a spy in the Spade Kingdom. This mission is given to him by the Magic Emperor himself, and with a blessing from his captain, Yami Sukehiro. They thought that Nacht’s intelligent and cunning personality, along with his magical ability, makes him the perfect candidate for this extremely dangerous job.

Nacht Faust himself is actually the son of a noble family, specifically from the House of Faust. He even had a twin brother that shared the same tenacity and intelligence as him, albeit a lot more cheerful than him. Unfortunately, an accident happens not long after they decide to become Magic Knights. Nacht’s twin brother and his entire family was killed during that accident, and he keeps blaming himself for it.

This is also one of the reasons why he closed off his heart from those around him. But alas, he comes back when his fellow Black Bulls needed him the most, and helps them get through their biggest challenge yet.

Shadow Magic

The magic of the Black Bull’s captain, Yami Sukehiro, is Darkness Magic. As if to perfectly complement the captain, Black Bull’s vice captain also has a similar type of magic, which is the Shadow Magic. However, unlike Darkness Magic that is mainly used for attacking, Shadow Magic can be used for all kinds of things.

In a nutshell, Shadow Magic is a magic that allows its user to control shadows. At its most basic, a Shadow Magic user can slip in and out of every shadow. Nacht can even travel between the shadows of people or inanimate objects that he knows, or have met/seen before.

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The only limitation would be if the person is too far away from him, such as in a completely different continent or dimension, or if the person is dead. Not only that, Nacht can also bring several people with him to travel through the shadow realm, which makes it sort of like a Spatial Magic.

Other abilities of Shadow Magic include trapping and binding people into the shadows, or creating shadow hands to grab or choke people out, sort of like Shikamaru’s shadow technique from Naruto. Other techniques included creating boundless prison out of shadows, creating a pathway with shadows, covering the surrounding area with shadows to create a pitch black environment that he can freely manipulate, and many others. Needless to say, these complex spells require the use of Grimoire, and some of them do cost quite a lot of manas.

Devil Unions

We mentioned earlier that the House of Faust were involved in a terrible accident that killed Nacht’s whole family. Well, that incident is a botched devil contract attempt. You see, the secret magic of House of Faust that has been passed down through generations is gaining tremendous magic power by forming a contract with a devil. And Nacht is one of the most gifted members of the family because he manages to make a pact with not one, not two, but four devils. The incident happened when he tried to form a contract with the fifth devil, who happens to be the strongest and most dangerous one of them all.

Anyway, those who have made a contract with a devil can use their power in the form of a technique called Devil Unions. This technique allowed the user to blend their magic with the devil and also cloak himself with the devil’s unique attribute. Nacht made a contract with four devils, Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner.

  • When Nacht performed a Devil Union with Gimodelo, which he called Unite Mode: Canis, he gained the ability called Pack that allowed him to spawn numerous clones from his shadows.
  • With Slotos, also called Unite Mode: Equus, he gained Toughness, which greatly enhanced his physical ability and durability.
  • With Plumede, which he called Unite Mode: Felis, Nacht gained Agility, which greatly enhanced his speed and, of course, agility.
  • With Walgner, also called Unite Mode: Gallus, he gained the ability called Crow, which allowed him to let out a deafening noise that can paralyze his opponents.
  • Additionally, Nacht can also perform Devil Union with two of his devils at the same time, in any combination. In this form, he will command a stronger version of both devils’ powers.

As you can see, Nacht Faust, the vice captain of Black Bulls has one of the most powerful and versatile Magical ability in the Clover Kingdom. It is highly likely that he will take an even more important role in the story going forward, so be sure to look forward to more great things from Nacht.

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