Word puzzle fans who are a bit confused by today’s Wordle might want to check out this guide for a few helpful hints and tips.

Figuring out Wordle puzzles consistently can lead to players having a go-to strategy for solving Wordle challenges. When done properly, this can help players have more consistent win streaks and make successfully solving puzzles much easier. However, today’s Wordle puzzle may be more challenging than a lot of players will have anticipated.

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If players are unprepared, this difficult Wordle puzzle might end up using up all of their attempts and locking them out for the rest of the day. Thankfully, the guide below may give players some useful insights that they could use to figure out the solution without resorting to searching for the answer outright.


What It Means

A great first step for players hoping to solve a Wordle puzzle is looking at its definition. Knowing the term’s meaning lets players check what sort of clues they may have missed and allows them to make more appropriate guesses for the day’s word. The September 20 Wordle often means “similar,” and always relates to two objects in comparison. It has Old English origins too, with ties to older Dutch and German words. Its more familiar spelling is found throughout the Middle English era.

Technical Clues

Technical clues for a Wordle puzzle can sometimes allow players to take a more practical approach to solving it. For instance, understanding the technical components of a word can help players use insights such as potentially related words that may pave the way for more useful guessing that won’t waste the day’s attempts. Here are some clues to take note of:

  • The word has two (2) syllables
  • When describing two words as similar, it is an adjective
  • However, when describing two actions or adjectives being similar, it becomes an adverb

Suggestions For Starting Words

It’s figuring out the best Wordle starting words that can make a complicated puzzle like this one easy to crack. After all, checking which letters check out allows players to make more informed guesses. Solving this puzzle might need these practical starting words:

5-Letter Words Ending With KE

Studying words that are similar to today’s Wordle challenge can make the puzzle easier to overcome. Similar words can pave the way for players to identify common elements that may give away the answer. Wordle 458 is one of 47 five-letter words that end with KE. Here are some of those words, including the solution to the puzzle:


Wordle is playable via browser.


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