TemTem is a new monster-catching game from developers Crema. This Pokemon-like MMORPG pits players against a massive list of little critters called TemTem that they can catch, befriend, evolve, level, train, and fight against other Tem with. One of the items needed to be able to see the whole massive world of Tem is called the Gravitonic Piolets climbing gear

The Gravitonic Piolets climbing gear will allow players to scale sheer cliffs with their hands. It’s is a fairly late-game item that will require quite a bit of questing to get a hold of; it is located on the fourth of all the islands, called Windward Kisiwa.


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What Are Gravitonic Piolets?

These gravity-defying climbing mits were added to TemTem during the Kisiwa update back in 2020. They allow players to scale vertical cliffs, but only in certain locations. Climbable surfaces are delineated by orange lines on the world map and a sort of wood-panel-looking texture in the game. This is what it will look like:

Once players have obtained the Gravitonic Piolets, they will gain access to several treasure chests that were unreachable before. In order to use them, TemTem players just need to walk against a climbable surface then use the directional buttons to move around.

How to Get the Climbing Gear in TemTem

In order to pick up this coveted item and get all those high-up treasures, players will need to progress the story of TemTem until they reach Kisiwa. Defeat the Dojo Leader Musa and collect all those sweet TemTem pansuns. After this, continue the main story quests until a quest to explore the Jino Gap becomes accessible. The quest where players get the item is called The Battle of Kisiwa, and it is the sixth main quest. The NPC that will give the climbing gear is named Badru. Players will need to walk by him first until a cutscene plays, then he will appear to give them the gear.

Items to Get After the Gravitonic Piolets

After finally grabbing the Gravitonic Piolets in this multiplayer video game, tamers should head out into the wild to start climbing and grabbing items they could not before. Here are some of the best ones to start with:

  • Slingshot: Look for a little platform in the Prasline Coast of Deniz.
  • The Mental TemTem Hocus can be caught on the climbable platform in Deniz’s Gifted Bridges location.
  • There is a climbable surface in the Aguamarina Caves to the Water Shrine

TemTem is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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