The Rainbow Six franchise is probably best described as being somewhat of a mixed bag. Though its debut title boasted a unique premise for the time, with a focus on tactical, squad-based gameplay with a realistic tone, the Rainbow Six series has changed quite a bit over the last two decades. Despite a few well-received titles on the Xbox 360, the Rainbow Six franchise had remained one of Ubisoft’s lesser-known series until the launch of Rainbow Six Siege. Its popularity has only continued to grow over the last few years, paving the way for a mobile version of the game, titled Rainbow Six Mobile.


Revolutionizing the franchise with its multiplayer-only approach and its hero-based mechanics, Rainbow Six Siege quickly became the best entry in the franchise and acted as the introduction of the series to many newcomers. Over the last few years, Siege has become one of the most popular competitive shooters out there. So, it only makes sense then that Ubisoft would want to capitalize on Siege‘s success even further. Rainbow Six Mobile is set to bring the Siege experience to mobile devices in a seamless, streamlined way, and those who want to give it a try are in luck, as Rainbow Six Mobile‘s closed beta begins today, September 12.

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Everything To Know About Rainbow Six Mobile’s Beta

Announced at the recent Ubisoft Forward Showcase, Rainbow Six Mobile‘s beta will begin on September 12. While Rainbow Six Mobile will eventually be coming to both iOS and Android devices, the beta will only be available to those on Android. Similarly, the Rainbow Six Mobile beta will only be available to those in a handful of specified regions. These regions include the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, India, and the Philippines. Unfortunately, those across the UK and Europe won’t be able to participate in this current beta, though hopefully, Ubisoft will host a European beta closer to the game’s release.

This current Rainbow Six Mobile beta is also a closed one, meaning that players will need to sign up and be invited to participate in the beta. If players are wanting to do that, then they simply need to head to the Google Play Store and hit the pre-register button. Successful applicants should be able to then access the game at some point on September 12.

While this is the first large-scale beta for Rainbow Six Mobile, the game has had a few test phases before this one. Each test phase has continued to add new content to the game, from Operators to game modes and maps. This Rainbow Six Mobile beta is set to continue this trend. On top of the Bank and Border maps already in the game and the Bomb and Secure Area game modes, the Rainbow Six Mobile beta is adding the Clubhouse map to the game, along with a whopping 16 Operators, including fan-favorites like Ash, Sledge, and Thermite.

The Rainbow Six Mobile beta is also introducing a battle pass to the game for the first time, which will be free for all beta players. This battle pass is intended to test how the game’s cosmetics and progression systems will work in the game, allowing players to give feedback on how rewarding the mechanics feel in their current state, and what might need to be changed before Rainbow Six Mobile‘s eventual release, which is still unconfirmed.

Rainbow Six Mobile is in development for Android and iOS.

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