Since its debut on the silver screen in 1978, the Star Wars franchise has evolved to the point where it no longer needs to tell its stories through cinema. Countless stories and characters have been introduced through different mediums, with many telling some of the best Star Wars tales to date.

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The vast amount of worlds present across the Star Wars universe allows for a diverse collection of characters to breathe even more life into the franchise. Their cultures, designs, and, of course, costumes permit them to stand out, but some of the outfits they wear are not nearly as practical as they could be.


7 Most Jedi

The Mandalorian revealed that certain armors can be created to deflect the blade of a lightsaber. Din Djarin made use of this Beskar gear throughout many of his journeys, but it is rare to see it utilized by those who specialize in close-quarters combat.

Star Wars has become something of a meme due to its obsession with dismembering its characters’ limbs. Luke lost his arm during his battle with Vader, while Anakin lost the majority of his body during his battle with Obi-Wan. Perhaps if they incorporated Beskar into their defenseless Jedi robes, these arms and legs would have never been severed.

6 Luminara Unduli

Luminara makes her first appearance in Star Wars during The Attack of the Clones where she travels to Geonosis, unsheathes her green saber, and battles against an entire droid army. Since this appearance, she has gone on to become a major character in The Clone Wars TV show, but her choice of outfit is unusual considering her line of work.

Luminara wears a long robe over a restrictive corset-like outfit. Atop her head, she sports a black headdress with fabric that protrudes from both sides of her head. Though it is hard to deny how stylish this attire is, its benefit in battle appears nonexistent. If anything, it poses more risk of being by an enemy grabbed and thus defeated.

5 Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine is arguably one of the most powerful Sith lords to exist in all the Star Wars universe, but his taste in fashion is lacking. Anyone with that level of power is fully in their right to wear whatever they like, but surely Palpatine could choose something more suited to the role of a galactic emperor.

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After being brought to Palpatine by Vader, Luke takes his chance to bring the fallen chancellor’s reign to an end by plunging a lightsaber into him. His blow is sadly deflected by Vader, but what would have happened if Vader wasn’t there to protect him? Palpatine places so much trust in the power he holds that he feels no need to shield his body with protective vestments. He believes that robing himself in a tatty black cloak is more than enough to keep him safe, so much so that he decides to wear it once more after his resurrection.

4 Padmé Amidala

To protect Padmé from the many assassins who seek to end her life, Anakin is tasked by the Jedi council to accompany her to her home on Naboo. He harbors some romantic feelings for Padmé, but he swore an oath when he became a Jedi to never engage in romance.

Aside from attempting to distance herself from her slightly unhinged romantic pursuer, Padme likes to wear extravagant outfits no matter the circumstances. The most impractical outfit she sports is arguably the dress she wears while acting as queen. It is an entirely red outfit with long sleeves with an even longer hem. Its design would certainly make ruling a planet difficult, but walking in it would be close to impossible.

3 Leia Organa

In an attempt to rescue Han from Jabba’s clutches, Leia disguises herself as a bounty hunter to gain access to his lair. Once the festivities have ended, she takes the opportunity to free Han but is then caught and imprisoned by Jabba and his goons.

While enslaved by the iconic space slug, Leia is forced to wear a sort of metal bikini with a chain placed around her neck. Though she doesn’t sport this attire by choice, the fact that George Lucas deemed it appropriate to clothe her in such revealing garments for this portion of the film is questionable at least. The remainder of the story, however, allows her to wear much more practical clothing.

2 Mara Jade

Mara Jade has been unfortunately wiped from the Star Wars canon, but she remains as popular today as she was when she was first introduced. Those familiar with the novels and comics associated with the franchise will be well aware of Mara’s character, but not everyone will be familiar with her multiple ensembles.

She has undergone several outfit changes throughout her adventures across the vast Star Wars galaxy, with her most iconic outfit choice being a catsuit. Countless media forms attempt to present catsuits as extremely practical outfits, but actually wearing one in a combat situation will reveal just how impractical they truly are.

1 Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren’s introduction in The Force Awakens painted him as a frightening force to behold with very little control over his emotions. Like Darth Vader, he can instill fear in all those who encounter him, that is until his encounter with Rey during The Last Jedi.

It is revealed by Snoke toward the climax of the movie that it was he who allowed Kylo and Rey to communicate through the force. His attempt to connect the two was a success, but his timing could have been better. Kylo is shirtless during one of these force conversations, an outfit choice that Rey feels uncomfortable about witnessing. Though it can be assumed that the young Sith lord was in the middle of changing, it is equally likely that this choice of attire is loungewear and, thus, a regularly worn ensemble.

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