With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet only a few months away from release, Nintendo has remained remarkably tight-lipped regarding the content of the upcoming games. Fans have gotten to see only a handful of Pokemon, a few in-game locations, and only two gym leaders. Because of this lack of information, fans were quick to craft theories and create memes regarding the known characters. In particular, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Grass-type Gym leader, Brassius, quickly gained popularity among fans due to his resemblance to another Nintendo character – Hubert from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Rather than serving as the primary plot, the Gym Challenge in Scarlet and Violet is only one of three concurrent stories occurring in the Paldea region. Players can choose to take on Gyms, fight enormous Pokemon called Titans, or hunt for treasure while challenging the villainous Team Star. Brassius, one of two Gym Leaders revealed so far, specializes in Grass-type Pokemon and leads the Gym in Artazon, a town full of blooming flowers. While little is known about his personality from the single trailer shown, his appearance has led to comparisons with Fire Emblem’s Hubert.

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Brassius and Hubert Have Similar Appearances

Hubert von Vestra is a character first introduced in tactical strategy title Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is the retainer to Edelgard of the Black Eagle House, and is only unlocked as a playable character if the player chooses to teach that house. Hubert stands out among the students for his gaunt, constantly-tired appearance, somewhat messy hairstyle that completely hides one eye, lack of eyebrows, and typical glowering expression. His appearance became a source of jokes among the game’s fans as they felt that he looked far too old to be an Academy student. When Hubert received a redesign for musou spinoff Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, further jokes were made about his rumpled clothes and even messier hairstyle.

Brassius is visibly similar to Hubert, with a hairstyle that covers one eye, bags underneath his eyes, and a tall, thin build that causes him to look older than he likely is. Like Hubert, he is typically shown frowning or glowering, and appears to be tired due to his shadowed eyes. Immediately upon Brassius’ reveal, fans began calming him “Paldean Hubert,” a reference to the regional Pokemon forms which have been appearing in the series since Pokemon Sun and Moon. Because Brassius is a Grass-type Gym Leader, some fans have also joked that he is the fusion or child of Hubert and another Three Houses character, Bernadetta von Varley, who raises carnivorous plants as a hobby.

Brassius May Share Hubert’s Strict Personality

Very little is currently known about Brassius’ personality, as the Gym Leader was shown only briefly in a single trailer. However, fans theorize that he may have a strict or even sadistic personality due to the vine-like whip he carries on his hip and uses to make dramatic gestures. He seems eager to battle the player, willingly using the Terastal phenomenon to make his Pokemon stronger. It is also possible that the Grass-type Gym Leader may have a hidden softer side, as his team includes a Smoliv, a Pokemon that is generally portrayed as shy and nervous. Additionally, the official website for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet refers to Brassius as “the Verdant Virtuoso,” possibly implying that he is an extremely talented Pokemon trainer and battler.

If the hints that Brassius might be a strict but highly talented character with a hidden sweet side are true, then his personality will be a match to Hubert’s much as his appearance is. Hubert appears outwardly intimidating, with many other characters saying that they are scared of him. He is a somewhat sadistic Dark Mage who is unafraid to use torture and other underhanded techniques against Edelgard’s enemies. However, he is secretly extremely caring and devoted to the other members of the Black Eagle House, and can even be quite romantic if paired with another student or the player character.

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Scarlet and Violet Feature an Academy Setting Like Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fan discussion of the similarities between Brassius and Hubert has been especially prominent because earlier trailers revealed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature an academy setting, with the player character attending as a student and participating in the school’s Treasure Hunt event. Fans were quick to make comparisons to Three Houses, in which the player takes on the role of a teacher and instructs the students of their chosen House. It remains to be seen whether Brassius will play a role in the games’ academy setting, but if he does, the comparisons to Hubert may be even more apt than previously thought.

In the meantime, fans are eager to hear news of more Gym Leaders and other characters who will be making an appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is possible that Nintendo will draw further inspiration from Fire Emblem, and that Brassius will not be the only character who resembles someone from Three Houses. Perhaps the Pokemon Academy will be home to Paldean versions of House Leaders Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude as well.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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