Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is one of the demigods in Elden Ring, and players will battle her in the grand library of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. After defeating Rennala in this legacy dungeon, fans will need to make a decision about what to do next, and indeed there is a great deal of content available at this point in the game.

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Updated September 11, 2022 by Erik Petrovich: In Elden Ring after Rennala players may find themselves at a loss of what to do. When it comes to where to go after Rennala, players have three major options (and plenty of smaller ones) – explore Liurnia, explore Caelid, or explore underground. Though the Altus Plateau is technically available at this point in the game, you have to get through the side path rather than the Dectus Lift, and the Altus Plateau is significantly harder than Liurnia. After fully completing Liurnia, the next level-appropriate area is Caelid, then the underground areas, and then perhaps it becomes time to consider what else you can do after beating Elden Ring’s Rennala.

Explore Liurnia of the Lakes

Before leaving Liurnia of the Lakes, players should perform a thorough exploration of the area, especially if it wasn’t explored before taking on Raya Lucaria itself. There are some things that really ought to be done before heading to the Altus Plateau, because later in the game these areas become laughably easy.

There’s plenty to do here, including an entire other Legacy Dungeon, several NPC questlines, maybe a dozen dungeons, and plenty of interesting locations to check out – for loot and incredible vistas both.

  • Complete Caria Manor, a Legacy Dungeon at the northwest corner of Liurnia. After working through the manor, players should continue west, enter Ranni’s Rise, and initiate Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring. Fans should also stop by Seluvis’s Rise, which is just southeast of Ranni’s, to start another questline.
  • Complete several steps in Hyetta’s questline in Elden Ring.
  • Continue Yura’s questline in Elden Ring.
  • Visit the Rose Church to the south of Raya Lucaria Academy to continue Varre’s questline.
  • Start Rya’s questline in Elden Ring by speaking with her just east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace.
  • Talk to Diallos in Academy Gate Town southeast of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
  • Take a trip to the Village of the Albinaurics in the southwest corner of Liurnia and search for the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right).
  • Complete the Lakeside Crystal Cave and start Latenna’s questline – just remember to not take the teleporter back to the entrance of the dungeon, as she is outside the boss room.

Explore Caelid

After taking care of Liurnia, players are free to head to Caelid, the area to the east of Limgrave. Fans can reach Caelid by following the path that runs along the north side of Limgrave, or by taking the teleporting chest beneath Limgrave’s Dragonburnt Ruins to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

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Note, though, that the first route to Caelid features a number of monstrous dogs and birds, and the second route takes players to the center of the Aeonian Swamp, the heart of the Scarlet Rot. Ignoring the horrors, there’s plenty of fulfilment to be had here, especially if you didn’t kill Godrick in which case Radahn may be your second Great Rune target.

  • Continue Alexander Iron Fist’s questline by exploring the Gael Tunnel in west Caelid – he can also be encountered from the other side, though you won’t be able to open the door.
  • Explore Sellia, Town Of Sorcery, through which players can access the upper levels of Caelid, the Church of the Plague, and the Dragonbarrow.
  • Work on Millicent’s questline in Elden Ring, which begins with a trip to Gowry’s Shack to the east of the Aeonia Swamp and features several steps that take place in Caelid.
  • Visit Fort Faroth in the Dragonbarrow, a sub-area of Caelid, and collect the Dectus Medallion (Right).
  • Travel to the Bestial Sanctum in the northeast corner of the area. Players that have been working on D’s questline may have already visited this location.
  • Head to Redmane Castle and defeat General Radahn, likely the third demigod you will have faced up to this point. You don’t technically need to defeat Radahn if you already have two Great Runes.

Explore Ainsel River and Siofra River

Trips to two underground locations are the final acts that players should perform before visiting the legacy dungeon with the third demigod.

The first underground location is Ainsel River, which can be accessed through the Ainsel River Well to the north of the Study Hall in east Liurnia. Though the majority of this area, and several connected areas, can’t be accessed until later, this initial part of the Ainsel River is well worth exploring for crafting materials, some unique armaments and armors, and a visually-upsetting boss.

The other location is the Siofra River, which can be accessed through the Siofra River Well near the Minor Erdtree in the Mistwood of Limgrave. Players should make sure that they find Elden Ring‘s Blaidd in the Siofra River before leaving, especially if Ranni the Witch’s questline has been started. This area is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the game, so take your time and try not to die to the archers.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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