Attack On Titan‘s tallest characters were the show’s horrifying Titans. The largest of these gigantic monsters were over a hundred meters tall and could easily destroy the series’ famous walls on Paradis Island. This action anime with awesome world-building is one of the most beloved anime all around the world largely thanks to the imaginative use of its monsters.

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Attack on Titan provided fans with some of the most complex stories and scariest moments in anime. In most cases, fans could have never guessed who’s the human form of the Titans or how big their Titan form will be. Thanks to the constant mystery and epic fight scenes this show became one of the most well-known ones with iconically tall characters.


7 Lara Tybur’s War Hammer Titan

Lara Tybur successfully kept her Titan identity a secret for a long time. Even though her War Hammer Titan wasn’t even close to the tallest character of Attack on Titan it was still impressive since it was fifteen meters tall.

Lara comes from the first Eldian family and was also one of the strongest female characters in the show with one of the most memorable and well-designed Titan forms. Despite not being the largest one, her white and muscular Titan is the favorite of many AOT fans who were sorry to part with the character.

6 Zeke’s Beast Titan

Zeke’s Beast Titan was not only one of the biggest but also one of the strongest of all the Titans because he was from the royal Fritz bloodline. His terrifying Beast Titan was seventeen meters tall and Zeke was even able to speak in his Titan form.

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He was also one of the most important characters in Attack on Titan not only because of his impressive and unique Titan form and abilities but because he was Eren’s half-brother. He was a powerful Titan who fought during many battles most importantly had epic fights with Levi.

5 Wall Titans

A Wall Titan was first seen during the Female Titan’s escape attempt who accidentally damaged the wall and revealed that there is a sleeping Titan behind it. While Wall Titans were originally created by King Karl Fritz to build the walls and protect Eldians, everything changed when Eren became the Founding Titan.

These gigantic monsters are some of the tallest Titans with the best designs and are about as tall as the walls, which are fifty meters tall. They were former Eldians and had the special ability of hardening.

4 Armin’s Colossal Titan

Armin was the only character in Attack on Titan who didn’t like to use his Titan form and did so only on a few occasions. However, his Colossal Titan was one of the tallest characters in the series and was even taller than the walls.

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Armin’s entirely skinless Colossal Titan was sixty meters tall, and his extreme size was matched with great strength too. Some of Armin’s worst mistakes eventually led to his demise, which was one of the saddest and most brutal deaths in the series.

3 Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan

For the longest time, Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan was the tallest character in Attack on Titan. He was also one of the most powerful Titans in the series who was slow but had immense strength and was highly intelligent. While Bertholdt wasn’t the greatest fighter in his human form, in his Colossal Titan form he became the greatest threat the warrior units ever had to face.

His Colossal Titan was sixty meters tall and was able to manipulate steam and heat and even able to release deadly steam bursts that heated the surrounding air to such a high degree that it became unbearable for humans.

2 Rod Reiss’ Pure Titan

Rod Reiss’ Pure Titan form was easily one of the most horrifying Titans in the series. After Reiss absorbed the power of the Founding Titan he became this immensely large, one hundred and twenty meters tall abnormal Titan.

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Reiss’ Pure Titan was disfigured and completely disproportionate, and his limbs couldn’t support his body, so he had to drag himself on his stomach to move. Despite everything, he was still one of the strongest Titans in Attack on Titan. This evil character deserved nothing more than the hideous Titan form he got.

1 Eren’s Founding Titan

Eren was one of the most iconic heroes in anime who became a violent anti-villain. When he finally managed to become the Founding Titan his head was already severed from his body and that’s why his form is slightly disfigured.

However, he was able to use the God-like founding Titan abilities including controlling other Titans with only a scream and was even able to communicate with Eldians telepathically. Eren’s spooky skeletal Titan form was by far the biggest since it was over two hundred and twenty meters tall. Even though Eren only wanted to protect his friends and loved ones he ended up committing horrible acts that eventually led to his death.

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