Retro games can get easily buried by all the new big-name and indie releases that seem to be coming out weekly. It is almost too easy to forget about the video games that built the features and concepts that so many of the new games utilize. Thankfully, even the oldest video games can find a home in the libraries of Steam.

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Steam might not have every single retro classic, but they certainly have some of the greatest and most essential old-school games to ever grace player’s systems over the years. Steam has a penchant for having games that aren’t always what gamers expect, especially when it comes to old-school titles. These overlooked retro games might not be the most renowned or iconic classics, but they are still as fun as when they first came out all those years ago.


7 Thief 2

The granddaddy of the stealth genre, the Thief series still has a lot to offer, especially the first two games. The old-school first-person perspective is as iconic as the sound effects and gameplay in this lovingly retro classic game.

The stealth mechanics still hold up, but the level design is where this game really shines. Intricate mazes of castles and dungeons make for some seriously fun exploration and, of course, thievery. Steam has both of the original Thief games – each is fantastic in its own way and fans of stealth games should seriously consider checking out both.

6 Fallout 2

An essential RPG for any fan of retro PC gaming, but also of the Fallout series. The second game expands upon the concepts of the first, making improvements in the mechanics and overall world and story.

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Unfortunately, this game couldn’t quite hack it once Fallout 3 came along and stole its thunder, but the overall concept is still proving influential to the franchise. Some fans of the series even prefer the original two games and consider them to be more sincere and straightforward RPGs rather than action games.

5 Return To Castle Wolfenstein

One of the best old-school first-person shooters to ever be imagined, this classic Wolfenstein game still holds up despite its retro status. The gameplay is deserving of more attention than it ever got.

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The enemies are crazy, the guns even crazier, yet the game doesn’t lose itself too much in the zaniness, rather it uses its retro oddities to its advantage in crafting a world that is both horrifying and silly. The horror WW2 setting that is now so common in video games was actually quite original back in the day.

4 Jet Set Radio

Still as vibrant as it was all those years ago, Jet Set Radio is as cool as video games come. The colorful imagery and lush soundtrack made this game a classic, but the unique cartoon aesthetic and the wild storyline are what solidify this game as essential.

Players spend most of their time skating around and tagging walls with their graffiti. This retro classic was originally released on the Dreamcast but has since found its way to new console generations, as well as phones and computers. A true testimony to just how fun this game is.

3 Day Of The Tentacle

Graphic adventure games were huge in the 1990s but fell out of favor in the 2000s once new genres of video games became more popular and accessible. LucasArts was the king of adventure games, weaving comedy and puzzles perfectly together for a light and breezy gaming experience. Day of the Tentacle was one of their earlier games of this nature, and it is often overlooked even amongst other LucasArts games of the era. Goofy and challenging, this is still one of the better retro games available on Steam.

2 Half-Life: Opposing Force

The most overlooked Valve game from the retro era. This cult classic is naturally available on Steam given the Valve logo attached to it, but it still is considered a second banana compared to the original Half-Life and its beloved sequel.

Following the first game’s story from an alternative point of view, the player gets to experience the events of Black Mesa as seen by one of the invading marines. Not to mention the game is crazy fun and does quite a bit to expand upon the first game. This game may be forgotten about, but it is certainly not gone.

It doesn’t get much more retro than this. Metal Slug is synonymous with the run-and-gun genre of 2D gaming, and for good reason: it’s insane. The shooting is nonstop and the levels and enemies only get crazier and crazier with each passing minute.

The second game in the series is where this wild style of gaming really shines, and thankfully Steam has brought the original spirit of this gutsy arcade classic to the modern era for new and old players to enjoy.

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