Resident Evil 5 is one of the more polarizing entries in the popular franchise. The turn to pure action was beloved by some, and hated by others. The game’s AI partner was also criticized by many, but the game truly shines when playing online co-op with a friend — and not taking anything the game does too seriously.

Whether gamers love or hate Resident Evil 5, there’s no shortage of content for those playing it. This guide will take players on a journey through chapter 1 to find the collectible emblems that can unlock bonus costumes for Chris and Sheva, as well as several 3D figurines that players can use to get a closer look at their favorite characters.


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Chapter 1-2 Emblems

Chapter 1-2, ‘Public Assembly,’ has 3 emblems to unlock. It sees players running through the packed streets while under siege by the locals. Thankfully, it’s not as intense as the swarms present in chapter 1-1.

First Emblem

After exploring the city streets and being ambushed by a Majini hiding behind some boxes, continue following the path. Ascending the stairs on the right will give the leverage needed to find the first emblem.

Second Emblem

Later in the chapter, players will enter a dilapidated building and climb a ladder onto its roof. After ascending the ladder, turn around. This emblem is visible on a water tower overhead.

Third Emblem

Near the end of the chapter, players will come face-to-face with Uroboros for the first time, defeating a man infected by it. After unlocking a secure door near where it emerged and proceeding through it, look through the wire fence near a case full of ammunition to find this emblem on the wall.

What do BSAA Emblems Unlock?

For players that are dedicated to finding BSAA emblems, there are several goodies to unlock. Note that most also require certain chapters or the entire game to be completed, and that figures must be purchased from the ‘bonus features’ menu for points.

Number of emblems needed Unlocks
  • DeChant figure
  • Dave figure
  • Kirk figure
  • Reynard figure
  • Majini (Cephalo) figure
  • Majini (Agitator) figure
  • Majini (Duvalia) figure
  • Reaper figure
  • Big Man Majini figure
  • Motorcycle Majini figure
  • Licker figure
  • Adjule figure
  • Crocodile figure
  • Irving (Transformed) figure
  • Josh figure
  • Jill (Brainwashed) figure
  • Wesker figure
  • Excella figure
  • Irving figure
  • Spencer figure
  • Giant Majini figure
  • Executioner Majini figure
  • Chainsaw Majini figure
  • Uroboros figure
  • U-8 figure
  • Popokarimu figure
  • Ndesu figure
  • Chris’ STARS outfit (Must beat game first)
  • Chris (Rare) figure
  • Sheva (Rare) figure
  • Sheva’s Tribal outfit
  • Uroboros Aheri figure

Resident Evil 5 is available on PC, PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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