Whether a new Super Smash Bros game is on the horizon or not, the subject of who should be included in the all-star brawler is always up for debate. With the most recent DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, some true gaming icons made their Smash debut. With Sora, Banjo-Kazooie, and Minecraft Steve in, it’s hard to imagine who couldn’t make it.

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These video game characters stretch the histories of both Nintendo and third-party games. Some of them are pop culture tentpoles, despite never appearing on a Nintendo console, while others are more recent legends-in-the-making. Nevertheless, they would definitely create a lot of hype in the Smash Bros fandom if they were included.


10 ATLAS & P-body

The Portal series is one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchises of all time, despite having only two titles. Portal 2 was originally released in 2011, four years after its predecessor. The game has since seen ports on most consoles, including Nintendo Switch as recently as June 2022, making it a prime candidate for the next Smash title.

While the player character Chell may be the obvious choice, the co-op characters ATLAS and P-body may fit the Smash Bros mold better. These two could either operate similarly to Ice Climbers or even just be alternate skins of each other. Nevertheless, getting to utilize portals in battle could result in some pretty interesting ways to confuse one’s opponents.

9 Tetris Block

Tetris is one of the most famous video games ever created, originally rising to popularity in 1989 on the NES. The series has seen worldwide success and even has a few musical tracks appear in Super Smash Bros. However, the series has never had a flagship character that would make for a good representative of this iconic gaming series.

That hasn’t stopped Smash Bros fans from being creative. Over the years, the internet has debated how a Tetris Block could work as a character in Super Smash Bros. It may seem near impossible to give the Tetris Block a personality and diverse moveset, but Nintendo’s done it with the Duck Hunt Dog, a Piranha Plant, and even the NES toy R.O.B.

8 Tracer

There are many characters from the popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch who would make worthy additions to the Smash roster. However, if Nintendo were to add a character, it’s reasonable they would go with the game’s mascot, Tracer. This former British pilot is not only charismatic but possesses a unique ability that could make her stand out in Smash.

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In Overwatch, Tracer has been desynchronized from the flow of time, allowing her to rewind back and forth in order to outmaneuver her opponents. Similar to Bayonetta’s Witch Time or Shulk’s Vision, Tracer could potentially reverse opponents’ damage to her in the heat of battle. It would also make Tracer one of Smash‘s few canon LGBT characters.

7 Blanka

The Street Fighter franchise already has two representatives in Smash: Ryu and his Echo Fighter, Ken. There are plenty of other characters from the franchise who would make perfect Smash Bros candidates, from Chun-Li to Cammy, to Dhalsim. However, the spot should go to one of the most unique characters from Street Fighter, Blanka.

Aside from being a green-skinned, mutated man, Blanka’s abilities include generating electricity. Like Ryu and Ken, Blanka’s moveset could be entirely derived from his Street Fighter move pool. Suffice it to say, it’s easy to imagine Blanka squaring off against Pikachu or Robin in a battle of thunder-summoning Smash fighters.

6 Monster Hunter

Capcom already has several Smash Bros representatives, with Mega Man, Ryu, and Ken. There are plenty of more Capcom characters who would work well in a fighting game, and they have with the Marvel vs Capcom series. Many of them would be great additions to Smash Bros, like Amaterasu from Ōkami or Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney.

However, one potential character already has representation in Super Smash Bros: the Hunter from Monster Hunter. The popular franchise has music tracks, Mii Costumes, and a boss character in Rathalos. A Monster Hunter, complete with alternate costumes and a variety of weapons to use, would make for a well-deserved representation of this franchise.

5 Balloon Fighter

Nintendo has its fair share of retro characters as of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, including Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt Dog, and Ice Climbers. One retro character that has yet to make its playable Smash debut is Balloon Fighter, from the popular NES game Balloon Fight. The title even has its own stage in Smash 4 and Ultimate, so it feels inevitable.

Additionally, the Balloon Fighter could be quite a unique character in the Smash Bros roster. Utilizing its balloons, this character could remain airborne during battle, but after its balloons are popped, he must blow them back up on the ground to return to the air. This added pressure could make Balloon Fighter quite a strategic fighter in Smash Bros.

4 Shovel Knight

Unlike other entries on this list, the titular hero from Shovel Knight appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, given its popularity, it would make sense for Shovel Knight to eventually become playable in a future Smash title. The character’s use of a shovel as a weapon would make him a completely unique fighter.

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Additionally, Shovel Knight also has access to various items and abilities that he acquires throughout Shovel Knight. Like Mega Man or Villager, Shovel Knight could gain some added variety by utilizing these weapons as special moves or aerial attacks. His Final Smash could also incorporate his ally, Shield Knight, into a devastating blow.

3 Master Chief

During the last wave of Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, Master Chief from Halo was often speculated as a potential newcomer. Surprisingly, the Halo series has never appeared on a Nintendo console, but that hasn’t prevented Master Chief from becoming video game royalty. The character definitely shares the same iconic status as Sora or Minecraft Steve.

It’s been rumored for years that certain Smash Bros characters, like Solid Snake, aren’t able to have firearms. However, characters like Bayonetta and Joker have disproved this in recent years. Still, there are a variety of weapons in the Halo arsenal for Master Chief to utilize, from Needlers to Plasma Rifles, and even Energy Swords.

2 Lara Croft

Tomb Raider is one of the longest-running and most iconic video game franchises of all time, spawning spin-offs in film and comic books. Its protagonist, Lara Croft, is considered one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, as well as an international sex symbol. Her lack of risqueness in recent years may make her Smash debut imminent.

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Like Snake, Croft can utilize a variety of firearms and explosives. However, she’s also quite an acrobatic fighter, which could make her similar to Zero Suit Samus. Additionally, her specials could allow her to battle with her compound bow, a hunting knife, or even mystic weapons like Thor’s hammer and Excalibur.

1 Shantae

Shantae from the self-titled indie game series seems like the perfect addition to the Smash Bros roster. She already appears as a Spirit in Ultimate, along with a Mii Brawler costume that was released as DLC. Still, the character is popular and original enough to warrant full inclusion in the next Smash Bros title above indie characters like Cuphead or Sans.

Shantae is a half-genie, whose adventures often make use of her magic powers, which include shapeshifting, whipping her hair, and dancing. Overall, she’d make for a unique Smash Bros fighter not just in design, but in function as well. Plus, a Shantae-inspired stage would make for a beautiful yet intricate locale to battle in.

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