Breath of the Wild is a pretty lonely game, but an upcoming splitscreen multiplayer mod makes it a little bit less so.

The sequel to Breath of the Wild, whatever it might be called, is coming out in spring 2023 (hopefully). That’s still about a year away, so all we have is the original game to keep us busy. But playing games by yourself can be a bit solitary in these modern times. Which is where modder Kirbymimi steps in to provide a splitscreen multiplayer mod that is entering into beta this week.

Footage of the mod has been shared online by YouTuber and modder Waikuteru, and it honestly looks really good so far. The mod shows two Links taking on the overrun Hyrule castle, and doesn’t seem to run into any trouble performance wise.

It’s a bit hard to tell how well the enemy AI deals with there being two Links, as the various foes the two face fix on the Link on the top screen. It wouldn’t be surprising if the top Link is technically the main on the that game recognises, but considering it’s still in beta balance issues like that can likely be figured out in time.

There do seem to be some slight audio issues with the arrows in particular, the sounds of which seem to double up, and during the Dark Beast Ganon boss fight two different Zelda voice lines play out at one point.

When one player goes into slow motion while aiming an arrow in the air, the same happens for the second player, which could potentially be a little jarring though again it looks like it works pretty well.

The mod is expected to start its beta phase this Friday, July 29, so obviously things aren’t going to be perfect just yet. But it does sound like a good way to play the game while we all wait for the highly anticipated sequel.

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