According to VGC, which has seen the leaked files and first reported on them, hundreds of lines of dialogue spelling out most of the events and characters of Cyberpunk’s expansion have appeared online. The dialogue points to a datamined character named Songbird as the focus of the DLC.

CD Projekt Red has announced that the latest installment in the Witcher saga has completed its “research phase” and is moving forward with development. This means that The Witcher 4 could be entering pre-production relatively soon, at which point CD Projekt Red will figure out the structure and scale of the game among countless other

According to a SteamDB listing codenamed “Oregon”, it contains tags and descriptions that match Returnal’s world and gameplay mechanics. For example, it contains “Tower of Sisyphus,” which is an endless mode that is part of the game’s latest expansion, Returnal: Ascension.

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